Conference History


1. Submission: All papers should be submitted to Email:

2. Format and Template: All submissions must be in English and papers must not exceed 8 pages in length In the preparation of the manuscript, Authors can refer to the following Template to prepare their papers. ——CENet2016 Template Note: In order to avoid some possible ethics (for example, plagiarism issue), the following contents deserve everyone's attention.

3. Policy: The submitted papers must not be previously published anywhere, and must not be submitted to any other conferences before and during the CENet2016 review process. Submitting a paper to the conference means that if the paper were accepted, at least one author will register and attend the conference to present the paper.

Notice: For any difficulties and other issues regarding submission, please contact :

Format and Template:

All submissions must be in English , Authors can refer to the following guidelines to prepare their papers. The CENet2016 template

Write your manuscript using the PoStemplate.odt skeleton file (the free software can be downloaded from the internet, for instance OpenOffice).

Please keep the overall repetition rate in 25% and ( not or ) the singlerepetition rate of your paper in 10%. Please note No.3 in the review policy.

Review Policy

On submission, all papers undergo initial screening for suitability for the CENet2016 by the Editors. Suitable papers will be sent to at least two independent referees chosen by the Editor-in-Chief, and the reports from the referees are then considered by the Editor-in-Chief, who will make the final decision.

The papers which the authors submit should be original and unpublished. All submissions must be in English and be checked for correct grammar and spelling. The standard paper format and paper page limits which are listed in the giving “Template” should be strictly abided by in the submitted papers. The submission format is the same as the camera-ready format. Please check and carefully follow the instructions and templates provided. Each paper should clearly indicate its technical or scientific contributions and the theme which it belongs to. All submitted papers will be subject to the single-blind peer-review process. Papers that are out of the conference theme or contain plagiarism in anyway from any source will be rejected without consideration.


Considering that there is a rather motley group of unqualified international academic conferences held in China and some conferences met difficulties in publication and retrieval because of the poor quality of the articles and the problems in procedural norms, the organizing committee of this conference commits itself to ensuring the quality and norms of the conference and articles involved and to protecting the interests of participants and contributors. Thus, the organizing committee makes a special statement concerning contributions. The statement is as follows.
1. All articles contributed to CENet2016 must be new articles which have not been published in any journals or publications, and the copyrights of the articles should not have been demised to any institution, organization or individual.
2. Several kinds of articles are to be declined by CENet2016: 1) Pseudo-articles which are incompetent in reasoning and devoid of any statistics, experiments or designs; 2) Plagiarized articles; 3) Articles translated by translation software; 4) Articles irrelevant to the theme and scope of this conference.
3. CENet2016 takes a tough position to plagiarism. All articles registered will be tested for plagiarism. Any article that fails to pass the plagiarism detection will be sent back to its writer and the writer will be charged for an inspection fee of RMB 500 yuan.
4. CENet2016 earnestly requests article-contributors to scrupulously abide by academic ethics. CENet2016 also objects to repeated submission of one article and withdrawal of articles without reason. Any academic misbehavior concerning articles contributed will be reported to the workplaces of the contributors.
5. In order to strengthen the supervision and examination of articles and to ensure the quality of articles, the administration team of CENet2016 will examine each article for five to ten workdays. Please be patient CENet2016 Program Committee.